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St Lawrence's Roman Catholic Church Sidcup

St Lawrences' Catholic Church, Sidcup














Fr.John Diver

Deacon Peter Varnes

welcome to the Roman Catholic Parish of St Lawrence of Canterbury. St Lawrence’s is a busy, friendly parish with a large number of lay people assisting in various ministries, sacramental preparation and organisations that make up our parish family.

As the parish priest I offer a warm welcome to all who attend our services and community functions. Children, teenagers, students, twenty – somethings, parents with young families, those more established in life, right through to the very oldest members of our community – all are welcome ! 

Our website aims to give you an insight into our parish life and help you to identify areas of work that may interest you the most. Please visit ‘Our Parish’ page and navigate to parish ministry for more information.

If you are a new parishioner I would encourage you to register online or complete a New Parishioner Registration form, kept at the back of the church and pass to me or Deacon Peter at one of our services.

If however you would like to know about our Liturgy, baptism, marriage etc. please visit the ‘Sacramental Life’ page where you will find information about sacramental preparation and the church’s teachings


St Peter Chanel RC, our parish primary school is a vital part of our community and close links are fostered between the parish and the school with termly mass being held at the 10.00am Sunday service.  Many of the children along with their parents are involved in the parish preparation programmes for the First Holy Communion and sacrament of Reconciliation. After making their First Holy Communion children are invited to become altar servers from Year 3 onwards


We are proud of our lively and active parish and I hope that St Lawrence’s will be a place you can find Jesus Christ, grow in your faith and play an active part in the parish using the gifts that God has given you through your baptismal calling



God Bless

Father John Diver


Sat 6.30pm (Vigil); Sun 8.30am, 10am & 11.30am

Holy Days of obligation:

8pm (Vigil); 9.30am

Weekday Masses:

Mon – Sat: 9:30am

Morning Prayer of the Church:

Sat 8:45 Rosary 9am

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament:

Wed 10am – Midday & 5pm – 7pm

Sacrament of Reconciliation:

Saturday Morning, 11am – 12 noon, 6pm – 6.30pm, after 6.30pm Mass

Mothers’ Prayers:

Mon 5pm at Christchurch Road, Tuesday after 9:30am Mass in SLCC

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